Virtualisation health check

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Performance-, capacity-and configuration management are becoming increasingly inseparable. Because of the converged and hyper converged environments traditional tools are no longer
adequate to ascertain if your virtual environments are running healthy or heading for disaster.

With the VMware Virtualisation Health Check of it2grow you will be able to optimally utilise your investments thus far (optimal load balancing) so as to limit future investments.

Our special diagnostic tooling (that will partly remain in place after the health check free of charge) are combined with our knowledge and experience with (hyper) converged environments. We will make sure you get all the insight you need in possibilities for optimisation, room for growth, limitations and a vision on your environment.


This is what we do

The VMware Virtualisation Health Check is designed to analyse the following potential problems:

  • virtual machine (VM) performance management
  • VM allocation and utilisation values
  • recognising those VM’s that have a negative impact on performance
  • assess the impact of existing plans and vision on the infrastructure
  • develop future availability and capacity demands
  • review all components whose availability and capacity is important (CPU, disk, memory, bandwidth)

this is what you can expect

After completing the health check you will receive extensive information:

  • an overview of your (hyper) converged environment
  • the complete oversight of all available components in your VMware environment
  • the impact analysis of taxing Virtual Machines
  • an overview of limits or remarkable aspects in configuration settings
  • recommendations on VM configuration and performance
  • quick scan tooling that will remain in place and contribute to your insight in the performance of virtual machines