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Managed Services

Management, maintenance and support of your IT infrastructure can, with near certainty, be performed better and more cost-effective with it2grow Business Framework™.

it2grow already supports the IT environment of thousands of IT professionals on a…

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The use of cloud services is a choice for space and development. By making use of products in ‘the cloud’ avoids almost always precedes a hefty investment. Moreover, cloud services almost always scalable, so…

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Data availability

Actually it comes to information availability. From email to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and from smartphone to the data center. It’s all meaningless without a file, without information. IT experts agree: information availability,…

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IT infrastructure design, implementation and management so that all employees and processes work well.

The infrastructure is the foundation for the entire IT environment. It’s not just about cables, databases and virtualization. It is about…

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